About Us


CCS Care Recruitment is an agency that centers on the staffing of healthcare workers and domiciliary care workers in London, UK. We have served many homes, individuals, private sectors, schools, hospitals, Non-governmental Organisations, government agencies across the city of London over the years. We are well known for our high-quality services and reliable services in the town. We noticed that the job searching process could be challenging for job seekers and decided to make it easier by creating a platform where job seekers and employees can meet, focusing on health care and domiciliary care jobs.



What inspired this idea is that there are jobs, but many people find it challenging to search for jobs thoroughly. This is our way of cutting down unemployment by making sure people who deserve to be employed are made known to employees and provide job openings to healthcare and domiciliary care job seekers.


Certain things have made us remain relevant over the years; these things have kept us at the top of the game.

We are so passionate about these values, and we strive to keep them alive and healthy. We believe it is something peculiar to us that gives us our “unique” quality. We are not in the business of losing these values, and we are 100% deliberate about not compromising any of these values. These values are:

Data privacy and security

We respect our clients’ privacy, and we do everything to make sure that their privacy is guaranteed. We continuously improve our security to put in measures that ensure that our clients’ privacy and security is intact. We implement standard security measures at CCS Recruitment, and we continuously improve and upgrade the measures when there is a need. These security measures are implemented in different stages; organisation level, operation levels, and architectural levels. We also get reviews from independent security agencies to ensure that our security is tight regularly.

Corporate Responsibility

Our Company is one that is socially responsible. We are aware of what is going on in the world, and we participate in economic and social activities that will help boost our staff and clients’ morale. These social and economic activities open clients’ eyes to opportunities (corporate resources) and allow them to utilize these opportunities to the maximum.


Our mission is to create a world where the quality of people’s health is not depreciated as a result of incompetent health care staff and domiciliary care staff in homes, private sectors, and government sectors.

Our mission is to make sure that the rate of unemployment is reduced to the barest minimum by providing a platform where employees get to meet qualified job candidates for their jobs.


Our vision is to be recognized as the number one Healthcare and domiciliary care recruitment agency in the whole of UK and also to be recognized globally.

Business Ethics

At CCS Recruitment, we are deliberate about the relationship we share with our clients. This healthy relationship is possible because we follow due to business ethics. Adhering to these ethics ensures that we deliver to our clients rightly, which makes them keep coming back to us. We maintain standard integrity when dealing with our clients; our transparency is also commendable. We are aware of the troubles that comes with job searching, and we’re not oblivious to the fact that this affects many people in different ways. We are humans with empathy, and we show our compassion by making sure that job seekers get jobs at places/organizations where their skills are appreciated and where there is enough room for growth. Also, we help organizations and sectors get the perfect candidates to help grow their business/organization. It is always a win-win situation with us; we derive great joy in seeing people win. The four (4) core business ethics at CCS are:

  • Being good role models
  • Ethics before everything else
  • Willingness to adopt fresh ideas
  • Doggedness and Dedication


Why should I choose CCS Recruitment?- it is only normal that this question keeps popping up in your head. We understand that various recruitment sites offer the same or similar services to ours; however, the ocean’s depth is not always uniform. Although there are many healthcare/domiciliary care recruitment agencies, we have great unique features that single us out from the rest. Some of these features are:

  • We provide quality services only: Despite the affordability of our services, quality is always guaranteed. We do not compromise our quality as we always deliver premium-quality services only. Putting our clients’ best interests at heart, we help connect potential employees and potential employers on the best platform in the most comfortable and most reliable kind of way. We help make your job-searching journey a smooth and hitch-free one.


  • Our clients are our priority: At CCS Recruitment, our customers are our number one priority. We deliver everything within our means and could even go the extra mile to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied. We take great pride in the utmost satisfaction of our clients here. This is one reason you should choose us amongst many other health care/ domiciliary care recruitment agencies in London.


  • Our services are offered within your budget: We help you work within your budget range. We understand that finances are a significant challenge in everything we do globally; that is why we offer affordable yet quality services within your budget range. To register with us at CCS Recruitment, you don’t have to break a bank; there is always a package for your budget.


  • Thorough recruitment and screening processes: To ensure that there is no problem regarding one’s credibility and skills in the future, we take time to go through all documents at all screening stages. We adopt thorough and reliable step-by-step procedures to do this screening. After a successful, comprehensive screening, candidates are then good to go, which means an employer can contact them.


  • Intense background checks and verification: This screening is also associated with verifying credentials at necessary levels (state and federal) to avoid fraud/scam and keep employees and employers on the same page. We cross-check all the information that our clients have provided in their credentials meticulously. We understand that potential employees are banking on us to provide accurate and authentic information regarding our candidates. So, we do everything in our power to make sure that their trust in us is not broken.


  • We keep our clients’ information confidential: At CCS Recruitment, we don’t leak our customers’ data in exchange for anything. We make sure our clients’ data are secure and well protected. All personal information regarding our clients is stored in a secure storage provider that can not be breached easily. CCS Recruitment promises its clients 100% confidentiality and security.


  • We offer flexible services: Our services are quite flexible at CCS Recruitment. Our customer care policy is top-notch. We boast of highly competent staff to cater to our clients’ particular needs, giving each client outstanding and unique services if need be. We also take our relationship with all our clients very importantly, maintaining a healthy relationship in which both parties are satisfied with what we desire and try to achieve.


  • Easy to navigate website: Our website has been carefully built to ensure that everyone that comes across it finds it easy to understand. It is well arranged and effortless to navigate. It also has a graphical illustration that ensures certain information is passed effectively. Our website is built so that you know what our site is all about at first glance. We have great and quality contents to also tell you everything we do without giving too much unnecessary information that could effortlessly bore you. Our website is simple, easy to read, easy to understand, straight to the point, and insightful.


  • Experience: We have been in business for a while now. We have helped several employers meet their perfect kind of candidate for different jobs. We have also given candidates a platform to show potential employers that they can possess all it takes to be the best fit for the job. We have served many individuals, private sectors, schools, even government agencies, and the military that need healthcare or domiciliary care workers in London painstakingly over the past few years.


  • Expertise: After serving different individuals and organizations in London, our years of experience have garnered enough skills that make us one of the best in the system. We have adopted only the best and necessary methods that are acceptable in London.


At CCS care, we help connect employees of great prowess and potential to employers in their respective fields. Our ideal candidates (job seekers) are those in the health sector; nurses, physicians, dentists, therapists, psychologists, support workers, etc. Individuals, private sectors, military, NGOs, etc. are potential employers. We post job openings and opportunities on our website for job seekers to see, enlightening them, and helping employees make the right choice of candidates for their jobs. The following are the services we offer at CCS Care:

  • Recruiting
  • Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Testing
  • Credentialing
  • Placing